Sandra Boehner

Confidence in front of the Camera guaranteed! Aaron’s teaching style has just the right mix of technical guidance, humor and inspiring challenges to make you more and more comfortable in front of the camera.

I learned so much from following along, it was insane. Not only did I learn a ton about correct lighting, backgrounds, intonation and pacing but Aaron also gave real pro tips on how to take your video presenting skills to the next level. I was impressed at how quickly I became more comfortable in front of the camera.

Before I went through the course material I was too shy to even submit my intro video in the online mastermind group I had joined. So naturally I was sceptical and didn’t expect to finish the homework assignments. But Aaron led the course in the most considerate and engaging way – it really took the pain and embarrassment out of the learning environment for me and I found myself going through the exercises with ease. He even got me to record a video of myself talking at the busy Christmas market in my home town, unheard of for me.

I was seriously wowed by Aaron’s level of expertise and encouragement. The training is invaluable and I am super grateful as I know what a big impact this new skill will have for my business. Now I’ll be able to create even better content for my audience and will be able to compete with bigger players in my niche, all thanks to the Confidence On Camera Challenges and Training. Big thumbs up from me!

Emily Bowie

With Aaron’s help and advice, I was able to infuse so much more energy & confidence into my videos. He walked me through the process step by step and taught me how to prepare and deliver my message.

Janet Perez

Aaron gives you a specific process to prepare you to be in front of the camera and most importantly the confidence you need to deliver your message effectively. Put simply, he is an amazing teacher. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone who would like to improve their skills in this area.

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