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All training is developed and presented by
International TV Presenter and 3 Time Antenna Award Nominee Aaron Mac.

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Professionally presented videos to help you unleash your inner Kanye, speak to your audience with charisma, encourage them to take action and have them screaming for more.

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Real world hands on challenges designed to fast track you to success along with secret tips and tricks used by the video presenting elite.

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Aaron’s entrance into the world of entertainment was anything but conventional.

As a young aspiring athlete a career ending injury resulted in an early change of direction in his life. In his words he earned a degree in “fun” studying Recreation Leadership at Victoria University before sailing off across the seven seas on luxury cruise liners as “the party guy”.. It was here by chance, Aaron was asked to appear as a weather reporter in a fun onboard breakfast television show enabling him to bring along his own style of comedy and wit whilst sparking his initial interest in the television industry. Aaron went on to appear in several broadcast TV shows including, the travel series “Victoria’s Islands”, his role as the host of the popular late night

What my clients have to say:

Sandra Boehner

Confidence in front of the Camera guaranteed! Aaron’s teaching style has just the right mix of technical guidance, humor and inspiring challenges to make you more and more comfortable in front of the camera.

I learned so much from following along, it was insane. Not only did I learn a ton about correct lighting, backgrounds, intonation and pacing but Aaron also gave real pro tips on how to take your video presenting skills to the next level. I was impressed at how quickly I became more comfortable in front of the camera.

Before I went through the course material I was too shy to even submit my intro video in the online mastermind group I had joined. So naturally I was sceptical and didn’t expect to finish the homework assignments. But Aaron led the course in the most considerate and engaging way – it really took the pain and embarrassment out of the learning environment for me and I found myself going through the exercises with ease. He even got me to record a video of myself talking at the busy Christmas market in my home town, unheard of for me.

I was seriously wowed by Aaron’s level of expertise and encouragement. The training is invaluable and I am super grateful as I know what a big impact this new skill will have for my business. Now I’ll be able to create even better content for my audience and will be able to compete with bigger players in my niche, all thanks to the Confidence On Camera Challenges and Training. Big thumbs up from me!

Sandra Boehner
Emily Bowie

With Aaron’s help and advice, I was able to infuse so much more energy & confidence into my videos. He walked me through the process step by step and taught me how to prepare and deliver my message.

Emily Bowie
Janet Perez

Aaron gives you a specific process to prepare you to be in front of the camera and most importantly the confidence you need to deliver your message effectively. Put simply, he is an amazing teacher. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone who would like to improve their skills in this area.

Janet Perez
Brian Schneider

I had the privilege and honor to work with Aaron in the Camera Confidence Group. Under his expert guidance I was able to create exciting and informative videos.

Aaron is kind, has a huge heart and a way with words that inspires others to become the best versions of themselves in front of the camera.
Thank You!

Brian Schneider
Katie Sing

I’ve always been someone who has in the past been reluctant to do public speaking and record videos. Aaron’s words of encouragement and practical detailed tips have given me the confidence to focus on when creating videos.

This has also enhanced my awareness on how to express my best and most authentic self on camera and now more comfortably create content for my business.

Katie Sing
Laura Latimer

So I’ll admit, being on camera was about as fun for me as being stuck in an elevator. And I’m a touch claustrophobic. Safe to say I was avoiding that little red “recording” dot at all costs. But my business needed it and it was time I faced my fears head on.

But not without Aaron’s amazing guidance. He instantly felt like a safe friend and trusted mentor as I learned how to have a confident, authentic and friendly presence on camera. His advice was always clear and actionable and he actually made being on camera fun! I would have never guessed I would have said those words even 6 months ago!! With my new confidence on camera I am now doing weekly webinars and making up to $10,000 per webinar. Thank you Aaron!

Laura Latimer
Tina Bangel

As a professional singer and vocal coach I know how important it is to be visible. What I lacked was the guidance and feedback, which prevented me from sharing my videos.. even to the point where I was scared to press the record button.

With Aaron’s help I was able to feel more confident in front of the camera. Aaron has a knack of genuinely giving constructive feedback, I knew exactly what was working and what I needed to improve on.

I’m now ready to create more videos to help build my profile and generate income in my business.

Tina Bangel
Ben Angel

“The best investment you’ll ever make in yourself!”

“I’ve been featured in media from CNN, BBC, Arena & more, but I know, as every industry professional does, it’s the fine little distinctions that will make you stand out.

Aaron’s “Confidence on Camera” is by far one of the most vital courses you must take to guarantee you get publicity, connect with your audience through the camera and stand in front of it with 100% confidence that you’re going to engage your audience.

One video I filmed after Aaron’s training has resulted in the video clip going viral, getting over 40,000 views & being featured on Entrepreneur Magazine’s main website and Youtube channel.

I couldn’t have done it without him. He’s the key to you getting over your fears and out of your own way. Do yourself a favour, whatever Aaron has on offer, grab it with both hands right now. The guys a rockstar!”

Ben Angel
Bestselling Author
Followed by over 60,000 Entrepreneurs Internationally

Ben Angel

About The Course


The course is designed to help people who want to get in front of the camera with confidence and be the face of their business, product, service or personal brand.

Who is this course for?

It’s great for Life Coaches, Personal Trainers, World Travelers, Foodies, Fitness Guru’s, Entrepreneurs, Beauty Experts, Fashionista’s, People who want to make sales, business owners, teachers, presenters, vloggers, youtubers, affiliate marketers, lifestyle entrepreneurs, product inventors and many more!

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