Brian Schneider

I had the privilege and honor to work with Aaron in the Camera Confidence Group. Under his expert guidance I was able to create exciting and informative videos.

Aaron is kind, has a huge heart and a way with words that inspires others to become the best versions of themselves in front of the camera.
Thank You!

Katie Sing

I’ve always been someone who has in the past been reluctant to do public speaking and record videos. Aaron’s words of encouragement and practical detailed tips have given me the confidence to focus on when creating videos.

This has also enhanced my awareness on how to express my best and most authentic self on camera and now more comfortably create content for my business.

Laura Latimer

So I’ll admit, being on camera was about as fun for me as being stuck in an elevator. And I’m a touch claustrophobic. Safe to say I was avoiding that little red “recording” dot at all costs. But my business needed it and it was time I faced my fears head on.

But not without Aaron’s amazing guidance. He instantly felt like a safe friend and trusted mentor as I learned how to have a confident, authentic and friendly presence on camera. His advice was always clear and actionable and he actually made being on camera fun! I would have never guessed I would have said those words even 6 months ago!! With my new confidence on camera I am now doing weekly webinars and making up to $10,000 per webinar. Thank you Aaron!

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